E500 series mini-type ac drive

-SVC,V/F control.
-Highly adaptive to grid voltage, with endurable to ±20% fluctuation.
-Special self-adaptive control technology, allowing automatic current-limiting, voltage-limiting and under-voltage suppression during operation.
-Standard RS485 communication interface, optional MODBUS protocol and -Simphoenix self-defined protocol, with linkage of inverter and PLC, or other industry control equips easily.
-The panel supports hot-plugging applicable for system integration for various applications.
-Vivid real-time monitor, allowing for monitoring input and output current, voltage etc. in real time.
4-channel multifunctional input terminals, with 29 kinds of terminal function definitions, 16 kinds of programmable status outputs, hence enabling flexible parameters control.
-Built-in counter is able to conduct simple counting with match of multifunctional terminals.
-Internally integrated and optimized PID controller, facilitating to conduct closed-loop control over temperature, etc. which is able to simplify control system structure to reduce cost.

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