DX200 series close-loop ac drive

-Steady speed precision up to 0.02% in close-loop vector mode, 200% starting torque at zero speed-8 channels of one to one corresponding virtual output and input terminal, with no external wiring to achieve complex application.
-Realize synchronous transmission of multiple machine and choose freely to achieve linage balance based on current, torque and power.
-Intuitive real-time monitoring to supervise hundreds of parameters like power, running time, input/output current and voltage, fault record.
-User can freely choose the priority order of various frequency / speed setting channels.
-Hundreds of setting portfolios of frequency, speed and torque.
-3 built-in timer, 5 clocks, and 2 built-in counter to solve demands for complex timing and counting.
- Ergonomic design of operation panel supports a good experience, Various operation panel options to meet different requirements.

Typical application
-Machine tool, cable, petrochemical industry,textile, food packaging, elution machine, centrifugal


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