Ac Drive Electric Motor Speed Control

-Strong torque at low frequency. 200% start torque at 0Hz under VC control, 180% start torque at 0Hz under SVC control.
-Standard 5-digit two-line LED panel display and LCD keypad optional.
-Intuitive real-time monitering to know nearly hundred kinds of parameters, like usage of electricity, running time, input & output voltage and current, error record etc.
-Built-in several system macro and application macro, and it simplifies parameter setting by macro parameter calling.
Hundreds of combinations of torque and revolution.
-Programmable 16-segment speed running, indepedent setting of running time, acceleration & deceleration time and moving direction of each segment.
-Flexible configuration of priorities of frequency or rotate speed setting channels.
-Software virtual I/O function with simple parameter setting, it configures virtual I/O flexibly that reduce external interference and simplify wiring.
-Abundant warning and protection functions.

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